To see a community inspired and empowered to see ABILITY first, not disability.


To provide hope and opportunity to people with disabilities and their families, while teaching the community to do the same.


We recognize and celebrate the dignity and value of every human being…


  • As Christ followers, we operate and serve as a non-denominational, faith-based organization.
  • We love because we are loved; real love is lived out in action.


  • At Healing Farms all are welcome, regardless of religious preference, disability, income or family background. We want to create programming for every area of disability.
  • Our participants are not a file to be managed and they don’t need to be fixed. We see them for who they are.

We value people not programs

  • We don’t try to fit people in a box. We are flexible to allow for the individual needs or our participants and encourage self-determination.
  • We focus on gifts and talents to create opportunities for participation and giving back. We need each other.

We need each other

  • Everyone has something to contribute.
  • We can’t be community without everyone included.
  • We teach community how to engage, invest, and interact with the special needs population.

Healing Farms is a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Healing Farms – (EIN) is 32-0029626